Wholesale Direction

1st, You need to get discount code from us.
There are 2 types of discount rates.
20% off on all handmade items, and 50% off on all non-handmade items.
Tips: Search key word "handmade" , or click "Handmade Jewelry" on the top of the page, you may see all of our handmade items. Click "Trendy Buyer Jewelry" you will find all non-handmade items.
Due to the limits of system technology, you may have to place handmade and non-handmade wholesale items separately. Because you may only enter 1 discount code each time.

2nd, Minimum amount is $500 for each order. If your original price in shopping cart hits $500 before entering discount code, then you are qualified for getting wholesale price.

3rd, Most of our inventories on our website are updated everyday, if there are some items you ordered are "Out of Stock" we will reach you out as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience if this happens. 

4th, If your order including handmade items under 50 pieces, we need 3-7 business days to prepare your order, if the handmade items you are going to order are between 50~100 pieces, the processing time will take up to 2 weeks. Please be aware about this and place your order earlier.

5th, We usually use USPS first class service for delivery, the shipping time takes about 3-6 business days to arrive within US. Your package will be shipping from Florida.

6th, We pack our wholesale products in transparent plastic packs. If you need our original card packaging with our logo and contact information, please let us know in 

7th, If you need a big amount of non-handmade products, we will offer you a better discount. Please contact for more information.

Please contact us directly on this site or sending us a email for getting discount code.
email: amorcito.boutique@gmail.com  (Yuli)
You will receive our response  within 24 Hours (excluding holidays and Sundays).
We would love to hear from you and let's build a sustainable business environment.

                                     Enjoy your time on our website.
                                           Amorcito Boutique